An Augmented Scientist focuses on research. They excel in the scientific method, the continuation of the scientific method, and the design of research experiments. Module topics may vary by year, but may include questions from the following topics.

1.      (Intermediate) Probability

2.      Vision Design Issues

a.      Contrast sensitivity

b.      Visual Field

c.       Size of Stimuli (Visual Angle)

d.      Effective Color Vision

e.      Common Issues

3.      (Intermediate) Decision making (research approaches)

a.      Normative

            i.      Expected Utility Theory

            ii.      Decision Trees

b.      Information processing

c.       Naturalistic/dynamic decision making

4.      (Intermediate) Multiple Resource Model (Four dimensional)

a.      More in-depth questions

b.      Extending the 4D Multiple resource model

5.      (Basic) Heart Rate and VO2